Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Beginnings part 2

This picture was suppose to be with the last post, but i had problems uploading.
These gorgeous teacup candles i bought from Lucinda at They fill the room with a beautiful aroma, and they look great too, can't wait to get some more, and she refills them as well.
Until i take some more shots, have a great week.

New Beginnings

Hi everyone, well we moved into our new house a few weeks ago, and last night after hanging pictures and moving furniture around i decided to take a few pics, so here they are.
Instead of big mirror over vanity, we thought we would give these two smaller ones a go, and i quite like them. So they will stay for a while.

I bought this shelf about a year and a half ago from Lucinda at Hume Cottage and its been sitting in the box since then waiting for our new house, so here it is, just love it.

Here are two Gail McCormack pics hanging in our bedroom, aren't they gorgeous?

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Been Gone Too Long

Hello all, i've finally found time to sit down and do a post.  The past few months have been pretty hectic with the shop and building a new house, so i have only had time to log in occassionally and check out other gorgeous blogs for a few minutes or so.  So today being my day off, i decided to do a little shopping and take a couple of photo's so i could relax tonight and do a post.  So here are a couple of pictures of some goodies i found today,  The first is a soft green basket and three tiny little bottles i found at a local antique shop. I think they're so cute.
The next is a gorgeous gift basket i picked up from my friend Lucinda's shop Hume Cottage in Mittagong, pop on over to her blog and see what else she has in her shop.
Also thought i would show you some poms poms i made for my shop recently. 

Anyway, 3 pictures, not bad after all this time, hope you all have a great week.  Until next time, take care.  Hopefully not so long next time.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

All things Shabby

Hi ladies, hope you are all enjoying your week, and finding lots of treasures along the way.  Thought i would take a minute and show you a desk i bought from a local lady who does a wonderful job giving new life to old furniture, this piece use to be a dressing table, now it will be my new desk in my new house. I just love it! Using it as a display table in the shop until the house is built, should be started any day now.

Monday, January 31, 2011

To keep or sell???

Well, as promised, here are a couple of shots of the telephone table i received yesterday.  My dilemna, whether to put it in the shop or keep it for myself, i just love it.  What do you think??

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New shots of shop

Hi everyone, well it seems so long since i last did a post.  Have taken too many photo's of the shop lately, but thought i would show you a couple of them. Alot  more to come.  Received a gorgeous shabby telephone table today in the shop, will take a photo tomorrow, don't know whether to sell it or whether its a keeper for my new house which is about to be built.  Anyway, here are just a few...

 Cake anyone?  Check out this gorgeous cake, which is really soap.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Hi everyone, seems life just gets away, but i wanted to take this spare few minutes i had to wish everyone out there a wonderful 2011.  I hope your new year brings you good health and a happy heart. Until i find a few more spare minutes to blog, stay safe and be happy.

Love Cindy
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Robertson Fog

Robertson Fog

My Bathroom bits

My Bathroom bits

Another finished project - Stool

Another finished project - Stool

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Napkin ring flower

Napkin ring butterfly

Napkin ring butterfly