Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hi Girls, it was a beautiful spring day today here in the highlands, so i thought i would share some pictures of roses in my garden. The pinks are gorgeous and in abundance. Have a great week all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Treasures

Hi everyone, what a busy weekend it has been. Garage saleing Saturday morning, homewares party Saturday afternoon, and today Market Shopping. I didn't do very good at the garage sales this weekend and put it down to just a bad weekend. But when my husband suggested we go down the coast today to an old market, things changed.

We arrived late about 11.15am, the market finishes at 12 noon, it was scorching hot and dusty. We were running around so fast trying to see what we could find while market holders were packing up, but as it turned out we did find a few goodies. Now i think, imagine what i would have found had we have been there at 7am?

I came across this gorgeous timber plain white trunk, or treasure chest as my daughter Kodi-Lee calls it. I have plans to revamp it a little, will show you follow up photo's when it's done.

I also found a beautiful ceramic pink popcorn canister, a gorgeous pink Meakin bowl, a lovely white cake stand, a timber floor lamp base, which will be painted white at some stage, a white round tablecloth, and a soft blue doilie. So as you can see, a very successful weekend after all.

Anyway i hope your weekend was happy and successful too. Until next time


Friday, November 13, 2009

Bag Dressing

Hi everyone, don't you just feel the pressure is off on Fridays. Looking forward to a great relaxing weekend with family and friends. I'm relatively new to blogging, and i noticed some ladies out there join in on Show and Tell Friday. I am going to try and join in today, whether it works or not, we will see. Still learning about Links. Anyway a couple of pics i took today. One is a box i bought from a market a couple of months ago. The lady who painted the box use to own a shop, however now she only does the markets, which is a shame, because her work is beautiful.

The next picture is one of a brown paper bag i dressed up to put a gift in for a friend. Anayway, hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gift tags by

I picked up these pretty gifts tags from Lucinda at Hume Cottage

Monday Finds..

Hi girls, first i have to tell you the markets went ahead, the sun shone for maybe 5 minutes - maybe a bit longer, but what a successful day. Robertson, where the markets are held are on the edge of a mountain, looking down over the Illawarra and Ocean. It is famous for the Robertson FOG, and didn't it hold up to its reputation. It rolled in as we were driving there at 7am and stayed most of the day. The air was moist, you couldn't see across the other side of the street at times, but it was beautiful. It felt like a winters day at times, in the middle of spring. We had a wonderful day, sold some beautiful treasures, and met some lovely people, so who could complain. As we drove out of Robertson back to the highlands, which is only 15 minutes away it was like we left one world and entered another. It was sunny and bright and nothing like we had experienced at the market. I will try and find some photos of the fog and post it for you all to see.
Today i called Monday Madness. I decided this morning to go Op Shopping to see if i could find some goodies, either for myself or my market stall, and did i find some treasures. Here are some pictures of what i gathered. Some nice rose plates, glass dishes and 2 gorgeous tableclothes. I also found a bunch of doilies that look a bit tired so i've decided to dye them PINK. Will post pics of them when they're done. Have a very shabby day everyone.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Love a Shabby Christmas

Hi all, well looks like the rain has gone, so it's a mad Saturday night here getting ready to do the markets in the morning. I missed last month due to rain and up until lunchtime today i thought i would miss this one too, so i didn't bother rushing to get all my things together, but now it's 11pm here and i have just finished. I have started selling some of my goodies i make at Robertson markets in the Southern Highlands. I love making new things, and have lots of ideas, but like everyone else, not enough hours in the day. So keep your fingers crossed that the sun will shine in the morning, and this won't all be for nothing. So here are a few pics of things i got together tonight, don't know where i am gong to put them, the car is jammed packed. Reindeers have just been finished, i love the soft colours, but i should have done a pale blue, never mind, maybe next time. The mirror i picked up at a garage sale, it was gold and had a broken corner, so i did a little cosmetic surgery, added some flowers and pearls, and all gone. Anyway, early rise tomorrow, Have a great Sunday.


Friday, November 6, 2009

Milk Can

Gail McCormack Pic

Hi Girls, just wanted to show you my new Gail McCormack Picture i picked up yesterday from Lucinda at Hume Cottage Mittagong. I just love it. Gail is so talented, all her work is beautiful, pop by her website or blog and check it out. I hope you all have a great weekend. It's raining here and i am suppose to holding a market stall on Sunday, but it's not looking good. I had to cancel last month because of the rain, and the way it is shaping up i will be cancelling again. Anyway as i said, enjoy your weekend.

Hugs Cindy

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Robertson Fog

Robertson Fog

My Bathroom bits

My Bathroom bits

Another finished project - Stool

Another finished project - Stool

Napkin ring flower

Napkin ring flower

Napkin ring butterfly

Napkin ring butterfly